Coordinating and captaining Team Funny.

Utter Nonsense

Even when a business owner knows good writing is needed and great writing is wanted, it can be a daunting task to source the talent and create the processes, especially for a major undertaking or on a tight timeline. A good communicator, facilitator and follow-througher can make all the difference.

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Utter Nonsense is a Chicago-born card game that combines silly phrases and specific accents. When they were fast-tracked to launch a Family Edition for Target, the gamemakers needed to source hundreds and hundreds of phrases and accents.

Create a Good Process to create a great product

 Rather than pay writers on spec and risk budget and timelines, I suggested coordinating brainstorming and writing sessions with a vetted handful of fellow funny parents with experience in the worlds of improv, comedy and copywriting. I pitched a process that would then seamlessly integrate our ideas into the already-started process of card creation.

Utter Nonsense Pack Deconstructed

Collaborating with the founder and marketing director, we helped finalize 450 tongue twisters, truth tellers, pop culture callbacks or generally absurd statements ready for a living room full of giggling. I also batted clean up on packaging to adapt the more risqué original marketing materials to the more family friendly, without compromising on edge or creativity.

Process in Place? Do it again.

The process was such a success that when it came time to update the original Kickstarter-funded Utter Nonsense Naughty Edition, I was called up on active funny duty again.

First, a quick-turnaround, small holiday-themed pack was on the deck, which I worked on directly with the founders and internal team.

Then, I sourced a smaller group of writers to come together to audit the original deck, sussing out what was a keeper, worth an edit or ready to be replaced. The audit team powered through a large number of new accent and phrase cards at a quick clip.

This was an opportunity to show how a trusted partner who meets deadlines and exceeds expectations can help make a project a success. I’ll answer that email and meet that deadline. Sometimes someone not afraid of a good booger joke can be an asset (ha!) to an already talented, successful team.

Value great writing but not sure where to start?

From workshops to workarounds, I like problem solving for good ideas.