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For an established business with a strong mission, forward-thinking vision and devoted customers around the globe, is there still a story to tell? There sure is when the company is trying to translate its success into a till-now elusive new market. Cue conversations about a strategy to connect and educate across cultures.

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For Decathlon, a beloved international sporting goods company out of France, success in more than 1000 stores in 22 countries was proof of concept. The story is beautifully articulated. The products are phenomenal and ridiculously well priced. The mission is almost too good to believe.

While Americans love a great deal, we’re almost equally as wary of one. Fast fashion and cut corners make us dubious of promises of low prices. How, then, to bring Decathlon to the US? With a new store opening in San Francisco, the international sporting good company needed a gorgeous, immersive website designed and written with American consumers in mind.

Close conversations with the client helped us understand the magic that is Decathlon.

Finding the Story for a New Audience

The mission became about storytelling and trust building. Close conversations with the client helped us understand the magic that is Decathlon—40+ years of innovation, a culture of corporate social responsibility, a belief in the unifying power of sport, a less-waste approach to marketing and packaging and a no-go policy on celebrity endorsements.

Beyond the product pages, I focused the copy in the Our Story to build trust. Decathlon's origin story is one that inspires and engages. Low prices don't come from cut corners but from business decisions that are good for the company, the consumer and the planet. 

Decathalon Our Story

A sound digital strategy would convey that their innovations not only brought more sports to more people, but did it at a cost Americans would love.

A Focus on Innovation For a City that gets it

Decathlon's high-performance products from over 20 different passion brands are designed for technically proficient, and therefore picky, users. Innovations also make them easier and more accessible for more people, whether a quick-setup tent or a mask that makes snorkeling a snap.

For San Francisco, a city in the epicenter of technology and startup culture and a place of expansive outdoor options, a focus on innovation would also resonate with a diverse citizenry who'd be eager to shop at the new store.

The Innovation section focused on building excitement and trust. Good prices are great, but not if the products disappoint.

A Global Brand Gets Local

To further showcase how well this French company would fit in in the Bay Area, we developed Get Going Packs. Instead of just featuring products grouped together for a particular sport, I pitched the idea of something more akin to a lifestyle blog post.

Team members at Decathlon could share their favorite products and sports, giving a get-to-know-ya vibe to the pages. The pages also featured fun add-ons like favorite local trails or apps to improve performance, just another way Decathlon team members connect and bring value to customers.

Decathalon Mission

All along the way, we checked in on nuance and word choice. Whether crossing cultures or continents, diligence in messaging matters.

One Step At a time

A careful launch strategy educated and prepped consumers about the lengthy process of getting products approved across 50 states of shipping while also getting everyone excited about the impending physical store opening in San Francisco.

And then, it was opening day! As of April 2018, Decathlon SF is open and bringing more sports to more people. By August, shipping nationwide was underway. Watching the Facebook feed fill up with five star reviews brings a tremendous sense of joie and vie. It's time to play!

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