A Words & Ideas Studio


I collaborate directly with clients, partner with independent designers and integrate in with design and development studios.

Across media and platforms, I work on projects ranging from local small businesses to national non-profits to international brands to bring their message, mission, brand and product to a wider audience. Learn More


I bring big ideas to small-to-midsize businesses and organizations through deep research, engaging conversation and actionable followup.

Whether brand workshops, ideation sessions, facilitation or community building, I engage with individuals, creative entrepreneurs, social and mission-driven groups to ideate, amplify, energize and mobilize. Learn More

With most important writing tasks, I ask Julie to help. It's been a long time since I've had to single-handedly write an important note like this one. I remember now why I always work with her. It's really hard, and she's the best.

Sam Rosen, Deskpass Founder

You are truly magic. Like really. I’m so impressed at how well you know my brand and bring it in such subtle and fun ways. I can’t say thank you enough, I so value the work you do.

Hannah Soto, Grey House Productions

Julie had this kind of overarching vision for the session that brilliantly encompassed the goal to bring together and nurture the opaque facets of my new business, its questions and tentative ideas.

Johanna Lowe, Parchment Studios

Julie is the writer I turn to when the finished project must do more than simply deliver information, but must be an expression of our brand. Selling the invisible through the written word is a complex, yet subtle process. Julie excels at this.

Stephanie Miller, Honigman Miller Schwartz and Cohn LLP

If I could partner with Julie on every project that hits my desk, I would in a heartbeat. Julie's experience reaches far past being a talented writer; her ability to tap into a client's needs - from strategy, to brand voice development, to overall ideas on how to push things further - makes her an amazing asset to any project.

Alison Sustarich, Tiny Bold Creative