Augmenting a team
with as-needed words.


Having an on-staff or in-house writer can be an incredible asset for a company or organization. A walking embodiment of brand voice and grammar knowledge? Sounds great! Sometimes, though, that just doesn’t make sense. Whether too high a cost or too small a workload, there are plenty of good reasons a good brand that wants good words needs them just sometimes. Having a trusted writer on call or on retainer can be a sound strategy for ensuring quality and consistency.

  • Services
  • Branding Workshop
  • Client Interviews
  • Editorial Calendar Planning
  • Newsletters
  • Digital Copywriting

Since 2013, I’ve been lucky to write with, as and for one of the most innovative coworking companies out there. Deskpass is a flexible coworking membership offering access to a growing network of spaces in Chicago, LA and Denver.

From early casual conversations and branding workshops and across platforms, I’ve worked on everything from content for a gorgeous new site to developing a blog editorial calendar to collaborating on print, email and digital marketing.  

Coworking is still a new-ish industry but at its core it’s about connection and sharing space. A friendly and helpful brand voice educates folks on both what coworking is and how Deskpass makes it even better.

Whatever Deskpass needs, I write.

It’s a great model of a small team augmenting communications and marketing with a retainer-based copywriter. I know them, I know the company, I know the voice. They get what they need, and it’s a cost saver for this smart tech startup.

Looking to staff up, sometimes, with a writer?

Cool. Let’s get to know each other.