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developed in tandem.


Copy and design. Design and copy. Figuring out a process so they play nicely is an ongoing conversation as the digital world evolves. Doing it in a way that both inspires confidence from the client and yields a great site? That’s the real magic.

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  • Client Interviews
  • Content Strategy
  • Digital Copywriting

Fairfield Residential is a national leader in high-end apartment community management. Dual, but not dueling, messages needed to work for potential renters and for potential associates while also boosting interest from investors.

Working with the project designer at a digital experience agency with an all-remote team, we examined each page in tandem, looking for opportunities for messaging and design that would resonate with the intended audience and work with the goals of the site as a whole.

For renters, a focus on amenities was a priority. But more, it was about creating a sense of belonging and community that is often missing from rental life. It was all about welcoming people home.

Leadership bios focused on more than what has been accomplished. A career page that emphasized meaningful work and opportunities to excel included curated testimonials from long-term associates.

Presenting the wireframes and design with high level messaging and the copy strategy mapped out meant the client could see how it would come together. Thoughtfully and creatively tag-teaming the presentation and client meetings is why this remains one of my most favorite projects to date. The result was a faster process and a fantastic product.

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When partnering with a team or a designer, it’s all about integration and communication. How can I best help? How can I work well with the systems and processes in place or bring practices to the table that makes the work, and doing the work, even better?

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